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I wish to place the following bids for Auction Sale to be held on _________________. These bids are to be executed by Clements Auction Gallery up to but not exceeding the amount stated below. Each bid is PER LOT as specified and all bids will be executed and are accepted subject to the "Conditions of Sale" printed in the catalogue for this sale. Unsuccessful bidders will not be informed, but may telephone for sale results. Unsuccessful bidder's deposit will be returned after the sale.



Address______________________________________________City______________________________ State________________________Zip_____________________



25% Deposit__________________________________________________________________________


Lot Number                                        Item                                                      Total limit of bid


























If dealer, please give resale number__________________________________State________________

IMPORTANT: To facilitate handling, kindly mark envelope "Attention—Bid Department"


*All bids must be received 24 hours prior to sale*

Please respond by telephone, fax, or email


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